Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NYC Handball

A game many disregard as an "elementary school game" however it is has wide popularity within New York City. Some people oversimplify the sport by saying "what is so special about smacking a ball to a wall" but then again you can say that about all sports played in society. Handball is a phsyically demanding sport in which strength, speed, and endurance are all needed to play.

The origins are quite unclear however it is known that Irish immigrants were the first to introduce the game in the United States. For those who do not know the mechanics of the game, it is fairly simple. The objective of the game is to win each rally by serving or returning the ball so the opponent is unable to keep the ball in play, almost identical to tennis.

A very basic setup in striking the ball so that your opponent cannot return the shot, it strikes me to see the vast amounts of styles and forms in which people take on during playing a game. I am a true handball maniac, and it has had a heavy influence in my life. I have traveled all over Queens, improving my game while meeting new people. I've spoken to old timers about the game, their experiences as well as playing a game. It is a sport where you are granted the opportunity to learn and meet new people. It has never ceased to amaze me the different personalities who play the game. I have personally been told I do not look like I'm a handball player.

But what really constitutes a handball player ? There is no real group in particular that dominates the game nor is there any specific look a player has. It is a game of skill and precision, body size and weight does not play a roll as many may think. Unfortunetely the winter season is kicking in, meaning I will have to take my game indoors or lay dormant for the next couple of months until it is warm enough to play again. For those who don't play try it out, I'm sure you will gain some type of enjoyment of smacking the ball against the wall. For the people who belittle the game, I too encourage you to try it, skill and precision are needed, it is not an easy game to play. As Erasmus the Dutch Philosopher in 1524 said, "You may sweat more but the game is prettier when played with the hand."

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tyrannical ?

With election day having just passed and Mayor Bloomberg winning again for a third term, I am left wondering the impact on the executive power a mayor has and how it will influence future mayor term limits. Although there is a two year term limit for the president of the United States there is none for a mayor of a state. It took President Franklin D. Roosevelt four terms served during the Great Depression to force Congress to mandate the two year term limit.

Many have argued that President F.D.R's years in office was to some extent, tyrannical, almost dictorial. In NYC, Mayor Bloomberg won by a mere 4.6% to his opponent,William C. Thompson.Perhaps many people do not realize the lasting effect this may have on our state system. Because of the lack of check on the term limit, what is not to stop Mayor Bloomberg from running again at the end of his term ? There is absolutely nothing, anywhere unless Congress intervenes with the reserved powers of the state.

Now I am not naive, believe it or not politics influence are very existances. As John Locke believes, we entrust our government to protect the right of the people. Music, art, family, lifestyles all sprout from government in some way. I do believe that we should take some time out of our lives and try to understand what is going on in the government. It is part of the reason why I wrote this small article in offering a perspective to the world and nothing more.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Long Time

Only starting out and already lacking in post. However not to worry, once I completely settle in at home and in school I will be back to posting.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lets talk Jordans

It was in 1985 when the first Air Jordan model appeared, the I's. The introduction of Michael Jordans shoes would change the sneaker world forever. Of course many of you know this as many sneakerheads across the nation and world, camp out for new, exclusive releases as well as sell, buy and trade Jordans through various forums. One in which I personally have an account on is on Sole Collector also known as ISS.

Now do some of you have beat, very bad condition pair of jordans you'd like to bring back to life? Much patience is needed in order to proceed however the end results are rewarding. Stay tuned for the next post on how I show everyone this well kept secret.

The first shoes I decided to show here are a pair of Red Steel X size 10 released in 2005. Let me remind you guys that I have experience doing this so if it is your first time doing this be patient.

- Cleaned
- Decreased
- Repainted






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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Vision

Sarcastic Thoughts, completely unknown throughout the entire world will set forth today. It's quite simple really, to create a fashion powerhouse, to go beyond making money, the foundation we lay down is to pioneer a lifestyle in which people will join the cause and respect the results obtained.

So what is the lifestyle some may wonder, it's a well kept secret which will unveil itself in a one year time span. Sucess is based upon our followers, there is no team behind Sarcastic Thoughts, just an individual who has ideas...

Stay Funky-CraZe